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Our beginnings

MAGICMOTORSPORT was founded by the Skutkiewicz brothers in Poland. The first MMS Team was composed of a handful of mechanics, engineers and software developers that gave Tech Support to racing and rally teams.

Our first headquarters was in Gdansk, Poland where we initially only focused on products for high performance racing that over time led to include the development of hardware and software solutions that interface with automotive electronics.


Our first accolades

Our efforts begin to pay off and our vehicles start to win awards in rallycross, rally and high climbing all over Europe. One step at a time, MMS began to make a name for itself among the most influential companies in its sector.


Our Development in Automotive Electronics

Slowly but surely, the company began to grow in size and experience. In 2002 our first Automotive
Electronics project was perfected; a direct shift gearbox for A7 rally cars.



Subsequently the MAGPro2 line was born. It started out as a simple device that only supported a few Bosch controllers.


New Products: MAGPro2 BASE and BDM v3

After a period of intense development, MMS released the MAGPro2 BASE and BDM v3. Our efficient OBD and BDM MPC5xx programmers are now readily available to chiptuners and repair shops all over the world.


The release of the x17 & T-BOOT modules.

The evolution of the MAGPro2 line led to the development of the x17 that was launched as an advanced OBD & BL programmer for MEDC17, Simos and Delphi ECUs. It quickly became a must have for mechatronic workshops because of its versatility.

The T-BOOT was then released exclusively for tuners who work exclusively in Tricore Bootloader.


Five stars in Customer Support

We were awarded five stars in 2012 thanks to the release of our MMS Helpdesk. A source of pride to the company, it allows the MMS Team to offer better quality in Customer Support to all our users and is a portal where anyone in need can get in touch with our qualified technicians and staff.



Due to the rapid growth of our company, we moved our headquarters to Terrasini, Italy where our Team expanded in number and experience. In our new R&D and Manufacturing Labs, MAGICMOTORSPORT added Made in Italy quality workmanship to its products.


Our Technical Training Course Program

At the request of our users and potential customers, we began to structure training courses that give
us the means to assist the participants with the technical aspects of our products as well as give them
a hands-on experience with the tools themselves under the expert guidance of our Team.


Worldwide tour of Automotive Fairs

MMS has grown to include an extensive Team of skilled professionals with distributors all over the world. The MMS Team takes part in all the major Automotive fairs around the world and these events give us the chance to get to know our clients and fellow enthusiasts in person.


Opening of our Chinese Branch

A MAGICMOTORSPORT international branch was officially opened in Shanghai, China to open the doors to development and technical support to the eastern Asian market and to establish our presence in the currently expanding Chinese automotive sector.


The launch of dynoMAG

A solution aimed towards our professional customers, this product line of rolling road dynamometers gives tuners accurate and detailed measurements of torque, power and performance and also gives them the chance to validate the work that has been done on the vehicle.


Worldwide tour for the MAGICMOTORSPORT Training Courses

By popular demand, we established an international line of training courses to be able to offer our foreign customers the chance to participate in a MMS quality training course in their native language.


Audi TT

We returned to our roots and sponsored an Audi TT from the Bezpieczne Wyścigi racing team that competes in the most important circuits in Poland. A champion in its field, the MMS endorsed vehicle has gone on to win numerous events.

BMW Fxx Flasher

The launch of the Fxx Flasher that supports BMW Fxx series vehicles directly through the OBD socket
of the vehicle is a revolutionary new tool that simplifies work on these difficult ECUs. This innovative solution is also available to our esteemed customers as well.


Giro di Sicilia

We participated in the 2018 edition of the Giro di Sicilia where we introduced the first electric vehicle into the competition. Driving a Tesla Model S, the MMS crew covered over 1000 km in the Sicilian provinces where we introduced our sustainable mobility project to automotive enthusiasts.