Solutions for DCU17PC43 (2021)

Version of Flex out now Download the last update of Flex and program Adblue Bosch DCU17PC43 control units in Bench and Boot. Thanks to the version you will have access to Flash and EEPROM memories of new-production units (from July 2020 on) installed on Ford vehicles. In addition to optimizing urea injection parameters, it will also be possible to restore the damaged unit by writing memories content on

Bench Solution for MSE6.0 and US6.0

Version of Flex out now New solution for Bosch MSE6.0 and US6.0 released on Flex. With this new update, connection modes for MSE6.0 and US6.0 engine units increase: as of today, in addition to the OBD protocol (released in version you will be able to program in Bench, too. Get access to the
Version of Flex out now A new protocol to work in OBD is now available in the latest software release of Flex ( Connecting to the diagnostic port of Porsche vehicles, you will have the possibility to program Bosch MG1CS047 engine units without the bother to remove the ECU from the vehicle: connect the OBD cable of Flex and download the virtual read
Version of Flex out now Try the new release for Aisin 6-gear automatic transmissions, now on Flex. This latest software update expands the support to 11 new models, as of today programmable in Bench: This protocol automatically adapts to the TCU processor, thus avoiding errors during the programming phase: you just need to select the correct vehicle
Version of Flex out now New Flex update released to program MSE6.0 and US6.0 ECUs in OBD, and to work on MSE8.0 engine units in Bench. With this new version (, Magicmotorsport expands its range of supported vehicles, introducing over 40 new models of motorcycles, including Benelli and CF Moto. Both protocols allow you
Version of Flex out now Carry out your chiptuning and repair operations on Inverter modules (INVCON2.1) as well as on BMS modules installed on Porsche vehicles with hybrid engines: Porsche Cayenne S (958) 3.0L 422PS and Porsche Panamera (971) 3.0L 461PS. Download the latest update, version, follow the connection manual that you can