An extra boost for your gas pedal

Meet HyperPedal

Boosts vehicle acceleration

HyperPedal is a device that connects to your existing accelerator pedal and is designed to improve vehicle acceleration. Small, smart and ready to use, the HyperPedal gives you control of the accelerator pedal and improves its response. Forget about delays in acceleration. To make the car more responsive and effective, just connect the device, download the app and enjoy the ride.

Bluetooth sync

Plug & Drive

No more throttle delay

Four drive modes

User-Friendly app

Supports a variety of cars

Get results in just a few steps

The device connects to the existing accelerator pedal using the original connectors and is controlled via a simple smartphone app. The device delivers more accurate, quicker signal transmission from the driver's foot to the engine. The HyperPedal app has four settings ranging from moderate to racetrack ready. Whether you prefer sport and adrenalinic drive or you prefer a quiet urban drive experience, each mode selection guarantees satisfactory accelerator tuning.

Step 1


Connect the wires to the accelerator pedal electronics of the vehicle

Step 2


Connect the add-on device

Step 3


Download the app and select a drive mode

Built for performance

Benefits include faster engine response, elimination of throttle delay, better performance and the ability to unleash the real potential of the engine.

Forget about throttle delay

HyperPedal eliminates throttle lag and increases throttle pedal response, in addiction, allows you to easily interact with the control unit thanks to a simple and clear app interface.

Watch the video

HyperPedal is designed to fix the accelerator pedal delay.


All the answers to your questions

A throttle response controller is a device that intercepts the signal between the accelerator pedal and the engine management.

Yes, of course. The technology does not alter the vehicles default performance or safety parameters. Once the device is removed the vehicle is immediately back to the original OEM standard.

Yes, the main unit is compatible with all the vehicle present in the supported vehicle list. Conversely, the cable is specific for each vehicle, you can chose the right one through our shop.

Yes, of course, the only mandatory step is to find the correct cable.

Yes, you will. Just buy the dedicated cable on our shop and switch the main box between two or more compatible cars.

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Hyperdrive with HyperPedal